Erasmus+, Strategic Partnerships, STEM FOR ALL


STEM is pervasive in our daily lives. Science, technology,engeneering and mathematics are not just the subjects, they are strictly related with our daily lives and the problems of our world. Our Wold faces some problems such as the control of many diseases, generating sufficient energy, supplying enough food and water,feeding the populations, global climate change in the coming century.
These are the global problems that every part of the world need to take care of it. So everyone needs to be able to have basic skills to overcome daily ıssues and produce new remedies for the probles mentioned above , We have to give equal chances to our students,too and make them think like a future scientist.

These kind of problems will be solved as long as we manage to give crucial role to Stem education in our education systems.
Educating our generations with relevant and high quality skills and competence regarding the 21. centuries skills will help us to meet the needs of the future.

In addition, to up to date , our teachers have to have better qualification than as usual, our students are growing up in very digital environment, they can reach all kind of information only clicking on a computer button or touching their tablets. As educators , we have duties to guide our new generation to choose their careers in a right way and encourage them to reveal their compentence and performance , Of course it is not easy to say these words, we are really aware of importance of quality education,quality of teachers and quality of organisations are needed to sucess this.

Therefore We have to strengthen our teacher profiles according to STEM discipline to reach the goals that we set and school subjects have to develop opportunities for students to explore what it is that Stem education do and why that contribution is both enduring and meaningful. Undoubtly Interdisciplinary working and teacher collaboration are essential to maximise the potential of innovations in teaching and learning .

That’s why we want to carry out this project transnationally, while preparing the project we investigated the partner organisation’s education system, we have noticed that there are some Stem education studies but the number of integrated Stem education studies aren’t enough . There are urgent needs to increase the number and the quality of the studies on STEM through supporting collaboration and exchancing good practices. With the help of these opportunities that Stem education presents , we can promote the acqusition of the discovering ,inquiring,designing and producing new technologicies, new innovations skills and competences.