EN Co-funded by the EU_POS

“SPORT, INCLUSION, DIVERSITY” arises from the need to increase the level of social inclusion of disabled people in Europe; this level, in fact, is very low in the countries of the organizations that make up the partnership of this project. As demonstrated by the latest Eurobarometer survey, Bulgaria, in fact, is the country with the lowest inclusion rate of disabled people, and Greece and Serbia also do not occupy a good position in the ranking at all. The problems caused by the coronavirus, then, worsened the situation, in fact, social life was reduced to a minimum and the disabled had even fewer opportunities to socialize. This situation led the partnership organizations to think about carrying out a project to tackle
this problem; all partner organizations are strongly convinced that sport represents the best way to promote the social inclusion of disabled people. In fact, sports in general and the strategies adopted by this project tend to remove those forms of social exclusion that people with disabilities suffer in their daily lives: the lack of learning of social and life skills, low participation in free time and social activities.

The project will have an impact on the participants already from the first workshops. The workshops, in fact, will bring together disabled and able-bodied people, who thanks to the support and stimulation of the staff will make friends and therefore an atmosphere of harmony, friendship and fun will immediately be established. In the medium term, however, the results in terms of impact will be more concrete and it will be possible to evaluate this result through monitoring activities. The participants, in fact, will have already developed a great awareness in terms of inclusion, of the importance of the participation of disabled people in social life. Participants will have already developed and expressed their first
opinions on the subject of sports facilities and services in their territory and thanks to the dissemination activities used both at local, regional, and European levels, an impact is also expected on society in general. Young people included in the age group of interest of the project will always be able to subscribe to the platform that the project will create, as the aim is to get the project activities to the greatest number of young people possible.