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The challenges of the twenty-first century – globalization, information overload, rapid change, virtualization – are leading to more and more demands for learners and teachers. The skills that learners need to contribute effectively to society are constantly changing. However, our educational systems do not keep up with the fast pace of the world around us. Professional development, at all points in a teacher’s career, is necessary to keep up with changing research, tools, and practices.

Most training institutions and organizations look much the same as they did a generation ago and educators themselves often do not develop the practices and skills needed to meet the diverse needs of today’s learners. They see the need to enter the e-learning market and change their profile, but they are often afraid of such a change – especially mature teachers – or the training available does not offer the clear transition to e-learning with a simple explanation, good works, examples, exercises and knowledge of trainers needed for distance education.

The project is a response to the lack of programs that offer new skills to trainers / educators / mentors who work in a traditional way and wish to acquire new skills related to e-learning and distance learning. Experienced trainers / teachers / mentors are usually afraid to enter new areas and use new tools that require IT knowledge.

The program will reach mature people who are educators / teachers / mentors who work in a traditional way and would like to acquire new skills related to e-learning and distance learning.

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Main targets:

• Enhancing quality training of trainers / trainers / mentors in distance education

• Exchange partners’ best practices in distance education

• Enhancing the provision and evaluation of key trainers’ skills: Training opportunities and digital e-learning and e-learning skills to be included in the curricula

• Introduce, develop and promote innovative methods and tools in training with the support of personalized learning approaches for trainers / educators / mentors, teaching ICT in an accessible way, providing platform-based, open-minded and flexible learning, online learning and flexible learning . to all trainers

• Promoting cross-border cooperation in education and learning through e-learning, as all partners will work on distance education and e-learning

• Enhance the professional development of people working / active in education by offering them new skills and ability to work online by changing their professional profile

• Increasing the quality and breadth of training, ICT-based methodologies through the introduction of new methods, tools, e-learning, personalized teaching

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The target group of the project are mixed-age trainers, mentors and teachers, who will increase the skills in education / teaching, increase the level of digital competence – the ability and skills to work as a distance education educator, educator. or mentor. So far they are working in the classical form – with a group of listeners in the classroom environment. They have doubts about the introduction of new technologies in teaching, as they are not very good at information technology, they do not know the methods and rules in distance education, they are afraid of new methods of teaching online.


In the program we will prepare a training program for trainers / trainers / mentors / trainers who will teach / train online (in distance learning) using IT equipment, existing platforms and will test it during pilot training.


We will increase the skills and competences of trainers / teachers / mentors / teachers and prepare them to teach on-line systems in distance education. In each organization partner a group of 10 trainers / educators and consultants who are professional but have little experience with online education will acquire new skills and qualifications.


The result will be training these trainers (70 hours per group) and preparing them for work on online platforms and distance education systems. Each partner will train 10 trainees during the pilot training
We will be developing training materials, distance learning curricula, and set of material scenarios – each partner will prepare a series of training scenarios. Printed and on line.
The guide and toolkit will be produced by partners, translated and printed on the number of copies needed for distribution to trainers + digital version
The Joint Staff event – 3 staff members will participate in two 5 day training sessions in Greece, exchange experiences, discuss new teaching methods online, present their sample training.
Interactive online project website, materials available to visitors who wish to improve their skills, acquire new skills. Partners will prepare the materials, conclude a basic interaction module with the site that enables interactive use and e-learning features
Multiplier events – each to partners. dissemination of results, materials, guide to trainers / organizations and organizations.
Creation of an International Training Route Program for the training of distance education trainers that will be open to individuals wishing to develop or acquire skills. Each edition – there will be an average of 10 participants in each partner organization, 70 hours of training. We will try and improve it.
Web site of the Training Program for the development of distance learning educational paths that will enable you to learn how to work as a distance education teacher / trainer on its own as a program based on detailed teaching tasks. With the instructions the trainers will learn how to operate it.
3 transnational meetings – 2 people from each partner x2 days
Brochures, posters, gadgets with project information and logo

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O1 – Creating Curricula and Scripts for the Trainer Development Road Training Program, Pilot Course

O2 – Teacher / mentor / teacher / tutorial guide and toolbox in distance education


E-2 Workshops – introduction to distance learning trainer development – an average of 20 participants

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Association for Education and Development of Disabled People (Grecee)

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