The purpose of the Association is :
1.The limitation  of  educational inequality requires people with disabilities to be educated with unsuitable material from educators who do not have the appropriate training .
2. The utilization of European and international experience and the scientific criteria in training and supporting people with disabilities .
3. The conduction of research so as to find those factors that contribute to the proper mental and emotional  development of people with special needs and the organization of an education system that respects these factors.

4. The immediate implementation of pilot programs for the better treatment of people with disabilities and inclusion, than those in the existing educational system .
5. Production of specialized training materials for the education of people with disabilities on the basis of standards used in other countries .
6. Specific training and reinforcement of learners-members in new methods , according to international experience and in collaboration with specialists.
7. The cooperation with public and private educational institutions at every level of education that the association will have both  the knowledge and experience.
8. Any form of cooperation of the association with international organizations and associations engaged in similar activities .
9.  The creation of publications and magazines and the creation of an internet site to update all issues concerned about the activities of the association .
10. The cooperation with any state or public body to identify opportunities to improve the education and development opportunities for people with disabilities .
11. The intervention of the association against any natural or legal person , public or private , attempts against people with disabilities.
12. The organization and holding of seminars , lectures , conferences and events in general , with emphasis on effectively addressing misinformation about people with disabilities , the complaint of any kind of threats the rights of these individuals and their social, psychological and emotional support .

Means to achieve the above objectives are:
A. The development of any kind of educational, cultural and recreational activities , lectures , seminars , publications forms , recreational and artistic events , tours , movies ,  lounges , reading rooms , clubs, camps , etc.
B. Coordination of the activities of the association with such activities of other entities.
C. Participation in European and International programs that promote the education and development.
D. The establishment of working groups ,  technical committees .
E. Making representations to the competent authorities and services .
ST. The  establishment of offices of the association in the form of branches or any other form of organization , in Greek territory and abroad .

Members of the Association can be :
a) All people with disabilities so designated with the procedures prescribed by the law regardless of sex and age since they have reached the age of 18 years .
b ) People with no disability are accepted to become members since they want to help materially and morally to achieve  the objectives and have been legally qualified .
c ) Individuals who are citizens of another country and meet the above requirements have the right to become members .