1st dissemination event in Kavala

On December 11th, the first Dissemination Event was held in Kavala, Greece. The workshop started with an icebreaker. Participants were divided into couples and each participant took an interview from his/her pair. Then he/she presents his/her pair to the plenary. After that, the instructor of the workshop Mr Georgios Konsoulas, that has a 20 years experience on European Programs, briefly presented Erasmus+ program “DL Trainers’ Development Path” project. At the first session of the event Handbook and some units of it were presented. Participants had the opportunity to interact with some materials that could find on project site and took a short training at Prezi and OBS studio. At the second session, Canva and Moodle were presented to participants and some Multimedia resources. Participants compared the capabilities of Canva as an online design tool to a multimedia resource that each one chooses to work with. When participants finished they presented their creations (infographics, posters, FB posts etc.) to other participants. Comments from other participants created a very positive atmosphere and gave the opportunity for further collaboration among participants.